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Monday, February 6th, 2006
5:40 pm
A place where I will not be ridiculed...
For my love of Stargate, maybe even appreciated for it.

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There you are anneke, it made my day, hope it does yours
Monday, August 22nd, 2005
1:14 pm
Haven't been on here in a while, probably because I know that only Anneke reads this, so for all the Anneke out there, hey.

And now I'm going to rant for a bit, because I feel like it. Headache again, must note that down in my diary. Tired, up early for a great dental appointment, but on the up side, i'm at dads office, hanging out with all the cool microsoft people and stealing pleanty of stationary. Pencils in blue, red, yellow and green (colours of windows window) each with something different on them as well as post its and files, they wont know whats hit them. Feeling jaded? perhaps. Alone? For something completely different. Rejected? Yeah, sure, why not? Moody, well i guess Im fixing that right now. Had my interview for exchange, which went well according to gange, impressed them with my interviewable skill. all ive got to do now is pack for november. Im nervous about that I guess, but if i dont get out there and conquer my fear now, ill live in perth for the rest of my life and go no where, not that that means no perth dwellers get anywhere ofcourse. I feel so uncool, so not with it. Ofter question what I do with my time, so many people seem to get so much stuff done in their spare time, i just seem to exist for the rest of the time, even reading sherdans blogg I feel unworthy. Francis is a category unto himself (although thats not a surprise is it francis?) Im not an aisian exchange student I dont think, im not an A-Student, and still good looking (im neither) not quite an average student, but how sad is that, i want to fit in with sheridans stereotypes of our year? I have no style... Still confused about where my spare time goes, dont even seem to talk to my friends in my spare time, perhaps its because i dont have any. Now thats just sounding bitter and self absorbed. I'm too nice apparently, people feel free to walk all over me, I wont sayanything about it, go right ahead. So much homework, done my lit, p&l is not sinking in, due tomorrow, no where near finished, dont understand it. Did most of 2.9 and 2.10 for ancient history which is good, a bit ahead of the class, get on top of that, on top of physical science. Bit worried, not even the 15 trained professionals in the office know what the hell my math EPW is going on about, what chance do I have? Working again, got college concert on friday, P&L trip back today, will have actual classes this week hopefully, although undoubtebly class will spend whole week talking aimlessly about canberra, big whoop guys, big whoop. Any one know what the average sentence recieved for fraud is? Perhaps ill try and find my cool or steal someone elses, make my exhistance more enjoyable. Wish there were more people like you around to keep me company. Frustrates me, how ironic this must seem, but I hate writing journals, I have to get used to it apparently, reccomended to write journal while in italy, jerk. UNWORTHY. Unnoticed, blogging solves all, able to get out there and tell the world how I feel, no one listens which is good, unless youre anneke and are still reading my rant (you dont need to you know). Bored, want to do something crazy, got no one to do anything with. T - double standards, hippocrit, too cool for me, too wrapped up in boys. P - too nice, too innocent. Fi - same again, as is with most of the friends. Soph's mates? Sure, be an annoying little sibling, they dont mind. Luke is great, made me a song on the spot, quite inventive really, had something to do with ripping open his chest and nikcing off with his heart.

Enough of a rant for now, got to get passport done.

Current Mood: cranky
Monday, July 18th, 2005
8:20 pm
Just for you...
To avoid conflict with the wonderous Anneke, I, after many painstaking hours of frustration at name-finding, have finally created a LiveJournal Account. First day back at school, and already worse off than I was when I left for holidays. And now i'm procrastinating about doing my homework.

But in lighter news, I get the exchange forms for Italy from Prof Maio on Wednesday. I'm excited but extremely nervous.

Anyone willing to tell me how to change the mood icons?

Current Mood: stressed
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